Dr. Dicus

I treasure the relationships that have developed between myself and my patients. I strive to maintain open, honest, and compassionate communication at all times.

The Team

Our team will always treat you with compassion and respect, focusing on your specific needs while building lasting relationships.

Welcome to Dicus Family Dentistry

Dr. Michael Dicus and our team love to help people develop great dental health, a smile at a time. We work together to provide an efficient and comfortable dental experience, going above and beyond to ensure your comfort every time you visit Dicus Family Dentistry.

Our philosophy is to do our best job of putting the needs of the patient before our own. We always strive to provide the most thorough and comprehensive treatment we can in the most relaxed atmosphere possible. We take a conservative approach to recommending treatment rather than what could be the most profitable. We believe that if we wouldn't want or need something in our own mouths, we won’t say you need to have it in yours.

We provide the full spectrum of dental diagnostic, preventive care, and restorative services in our office. This includes:

A family-friendly dental office, we care for children, teens, adults, and seniors. We believe in providing the highest quality of dentistry, in the most comfortable, welcoming, and safe atmosphere. Complimentary consultations and second opinions are available at our Reno, NV dental office, which serves Sparks, Carson City, and surrounding areas. To learn more and schedule a consultation for yourself or a loved one, give us a call!

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